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Our goal is to ensure that all students learn to the best of their abilities. To meet the educational needs of each child, we offer a comprehensive, integrated curriculum focused on the knowledge and processes students need for success in school and life beyond high school.

Elementary Education (K - 5) — An overview of elementary education including curriculum summaries, visual art, music, PE, and library media programs.
Elementary Math Adoption Committee

Middle School Education (6 - 8) — An overview of middle school education including core and elective courses, visual and performing arts, intramural sports, and school course catalogs.

High School Education (9 - 12) — An overview of high school education including courses, athletics, graduation requirements, and subject entrance requirements for the California university systems.

Common Core State Standards

Laning, Tracking, & Ability Grouping

Secondary Math Placement (SB 359) — A systems view of math paths through PAUSD from grade 6 through 12 in order to understand the choices and opportunities among the course offerings.