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Welcome to Juana Briones!

Katy Bimpson

Our school’s namesake, Juana Briones, was a smart, strong, brave, and kind woman who rose through adversity to become a healer and beacon of support in her community which included Palo Alto. We want Juana Briones School to be a beacon in our community and our vision, mission, and values define our efforts each day! Welcome!

Our Vision

Learning and thriving as an inclusive community every day.

Our Mission

We exist so that Juana Briones School can be a beacon in our community where students, teachers, staff, and families come together to connect and support one another. We collaborate to ensure that each of our students feels a true sense of belonging and is learning and growing to the fullest of their potential socially, emotionally and academically. Together we will ensure that every staff and family member is supported, included, and welcomed.

Our Values

We value inspiring creativity, cultivating academic growth, and nurturing our diverse community.

We value the whole child and ensuring We want excellence to become the norm that each child is exposed to a learning  for all, regardless of background or experience that includes music, art, demographics. Our school will embrace physical education, a robust library uniqueness, strengths, and challenges program, and the performing arts. with support, understanding, expectations, and encouragement.

We want ALL Juana Briones students to:

  • Work with determination to stretch their minds
  • Acquire a robust academic foundation
  • Engage in visual and performing arts
  • Cultivate leadership, problem solving, and decision making skills
  • Develop self awareness and self regulation skills
  • Communicate effectively
  • Grow confidence in their own abilities and learn self-advocacy
  • Care about other human beings and respect individual differences.
  • Develop as active, lifelong learners

We all  participate in decisions related to our vision. We are collectively committed to our vision and share responsibility for achieving it. We believe that each one of us has something significant to contribute to the school and beyond.